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We developed our technologies from the ground-up to provide useful and fast bioanalysis for modern biomanufacturing. Our fully automatable solutions function both inline and at-line for easy drop-in to your workflow with minimal disruption. The core technologies below enable real-time mass spectrometric analysis of the biomolecules that are most crucial to understanding, controlling, and improving your bioprocess. Don’t have a mass spectrometer? Don’t worry – contact us for piloting opportunities!

Secretome Analysis System (SecrAS)

When we say secretome, we mean everything outside of the cell: signaling molecules, nutrients, growth factors, and every other biomolecule class. They’re constantly in flux. Analyzing the secretome – in real-time – can provide invaluable process insights for improved process control, even if your value added product isn’t a secreted factor!

The secretome analysis system (SecrAS) enables rapid, on-demand analysis of essentially any liquid sample you can imagine advanced biochemical sensing, i.e., electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry (MS). The SecrAS was designed with modern biomanufacturing in mind to replace traditional ESI-MS workflows, which are generally offline, with an integrated system comprised of a sampling interface, a microfabricated sample conditioning device, and an ESI source for sample-to-analysis in minutes. The system can operate either at-line (i.e., an aliquot of media is fed into the device) or inline (i.e., the sampling inlet is placed directly inside the cell bioreactor) to suit the needs of a particular workflow. The entire volume of the SecrAS is on the order of a single microliter which allows for ultra-small sample volumes that do not consume significant amounts of the highly valuable cell bioreactor contents.

Once a sample is introduced into the system, it is routed into the microfabricated sample treatment device. This device is a tangential flow mass exchanger with the sample channel separated from an “active conditioner channel” by a size selective membrane.

Within this mass exchanger small molecules that interfere with ESI-MS analysis, like inorganic salts, rapidly diffuse out of the sample channel and into the conditioner channel. Simultaneously, ESI-MS enhancing chemicals, which we have shown to improve limit of detection and enable multicomponent detection, diffuse into the sample channel where they mix with the retained quality indicating molecules of interest. After treatment, the sample is routed to an ESI source where the mixture is then sent to the MS for analysis. The entire process, from sample introduction to ESI-MS analysis, requires ~5 minutes with the bulk of this time dedicated to routing the sample through the inlet to the device.

Just like all of the technologies that Andson develops, SecrAS can serve as both a monitoring and discovery device. Whether your application is for continuous monitoring of target proteins or for identifying advanced therapy mechanisms of action by transiently monitoring the cell microenvironment, the SecrAS system can significantly improve your workflow. Contact us to learn more about how SecrAS can help you!

Currently In Development

To characterize modern therapies, we need to understand biomarkers inside, on, and outside of the cells that produce our medicines. Check back soon to learn more about our inline and at-line technologies currently in development.


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