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Enabling tomorrow’s
biomanufacturing by
what matters

From biologics to advanced cell and gene therapies, modern bioprocesses are becoming increasingly complex and the need for improved process insight and control is growing. We develop bioanalytical platform technologies to discover, characterize and monitor the critical biochemicals in your workflow. Whether you are working in a petri dish or a bioreactor, our technologies enable on-demand analysis of biomolecules ranging from intracellular metabolites to extracellular monoclonal antibodies – and everything in between.

Secretome Analysis
System (SecrAS)

Our robust platform for analyzing extracellular
biochemical composition – on demand.
Monitor what you know is important, discover
what you didn’t know.

Advanced Therapies

Our solutions provide information on the biomolecules that matter the most for understanding cell state, therapeutic potential, safety, and efficacy.


Whether you are working on recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, or another biological product, we can help you take control of your process.


Our systems enable novel, automatable approaches to sample cleanup. Our goal is to make mass spectrometric analysis easy, rapid, and accessible.


Andson Biotech was created to build bioanalytical platforms from the ground up to fill the void of existing sensor-technologies for advanced biomanufacturing. Our goal is to accelerate the development and improve the production of advanced therapies such that they can reach a broad patient population. Our technologies were developed to analyze three key aspects of any biomanufacturing process that relies on living cells: 1) the secretome; 2) the intracellular content; and 3) the cell-surface profile.

Let’s work together
to understand, optimize
and control your process.
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